Spain Offer

...IN PRICE AND CARRIAGE PAID just for Spain and Portugal !!!
Original, Intense and Sugar Free.

If you are a big consumer of hot chocolate you are lucky, we send you a box with 16 Gueysh Chocolate Tubs of your choice: Original, Intense or Sugar Free for 4.06 € the container to paid freight. Simply fill in the notes section when placing your order and tell us how many tubs you want from each one until you complete the sixteen.

  • Hot Chocolate Big Consumers box - 16 x 700g

    Total weight: ℮ 11200 g

    Coste unitario: 3,69 € por envase.

    59,09 €

    Complete box of 16 pots of 700g. Ideal container for catering!

    In Stock
  • Pack de Cuatro Botes de 700 Grs. de Chocolate Gueysh

    Total weight: ℮ 2800 g

    18,18 €

    In Stock