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Benefits of chocolate, little-known source of health.

Benefits of chocolate, little-known source of health.


We list some conclusions that we can draw from numerous studies on the regular consumption of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa:

1. It can decrease the risk of vascular accident:
According to studies conducted in Sweden with a group of more than two thousand women, those who consume at least forty-five grams of bitter chocolate for a week are less likely to suffer strokes, possibilities that are reduced by up to twenty percent.

2. Help strengthen the heart:
Regular consumption of bitter chocolate helps to reduce the "bad" cholesterol in the blood, blood pressure and, therefore, significantly reduces the risk of having some type of heart disease.

3. It produces a feeling of fullness:
Chocolate contains a lot of fiber. This makes it a food that causes great satiety, which reduces the desire to consume other foods that can cause weight gain.

4. Regulates glucose metabolism:
Although not yet fully confirmed (the study is still in process), it is believed that chocolate consumed can often help fight diabetes, because it increases insulin sensitivity.

5. Protector of the skin:
Chocolate is a food rich in flavonoids, antioxidants that have the ability to protect the skin against UV rays. However, you should not think that by eating a chocolate bar you do not have to use sunscreen.

6. Calm the cough:
Among the components of chocolate is one called theobromine, which acts on the vagus nerve, the part of the brain that causes coughing fits.

7. Raise your spirits:
When a person is depressed, discouraged or stressed, it is recommended to consume a good cup of chocolate. It will make you feel much better, so it is a good idea to keep any chocolate on hand at the Gueysh cup.

8. Improve blood circulation:
Chocolate has anticoagulant properties: they are of great help to improve blood circulation, offering results very similar to the effects of aspirin but totally natural.

9. It is important to improve vision:
Because of the properties that chocolate has to improve circulation, especially that of blood going to the brain, it is believed that it can be effective in contributing to the flow of blood to the retina, which helps improve vision.

10. Sensation of alert:
According to some researches, the increase of blood flow to the brain makes us feel alert and more awake, thus facilitating learning.

As you can realize this delicious food, which is the favorite of thousands of people, in reality, is a very important ally for health, contrary to what many people believe. We must consume it regularly in order to obtain all the benefits it brings to the health of many organs of our body, mainly the brain and the heart.