All Blog News>Sugar Free Hot chocolate with Stevia and crushed Chia (Salvia Hispánica) recipe .

Sugar Free Hot chocolate with Stevia and crushed Chia (Salvia Hispánica) recipe .

Sugar Free Hot chocolate with Stevia and crushed Chia (Salvia Hispánica) recipe .

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For those of us who like hot chocolate, not as an exceptional event but as a daily gift, I bring you a recipe that will help us keep our line at bay with an extra contribution of excellent components for our health.


The chocolate itself can be classified as a very beneficial food for our health, as we have mentioned in previous posts, but if we add the Chia (Salvia Hispánica) we turn it into a superfood, since the Chia seed is the largest vegetable source of alpha-linoleic fatty acid (Omega 3). This fatty acid is necessary to maintain various functions of our body and it is necessary to consume it because our body does not produce it, in addition to reducing cardiovascular diseases reduces bad cholesterol and improves brain functions.

Chía also contains, along with other flavonoids, some antioxidants (caffeic and chlorophenic acid) that have shown a high activity against free radicals and oxidative processes in general.

Chia also contains soluble fiber to which properties such as increased duration of intestinal transit, delay in the rate of glucose absorption and reduction of cholesterol absorption are attributed.

The taste, sensations.

La Chia rounds the flavor of chocolate giving a light touch to Nuez, although at the beginning and as it should be, the flavor of the magnificent Chocolate Gueysh is imposed in the residual flavors; when the chocolate is no longer in the mouth, Chía is perfectly appreciated with its nutty flavor. Due to its soluble fibers it provides an extra of unique and very pleasant creaminess.

We go with the recipe. Extremely simple

Ingredients for a cup. (monodose)

30 grs. Gueysh cup chocolate without sugar with Stevia (One sachet).
5 grs. of chia milled (a teaspoon of coffee.)
125 ml. milk.

Cook the milk adding the Chocolate along with the Chía, stirring constantly until obtaining the desired consistency. Exactly as we indicated in each product but adding the chia to the Gueysh Hot Chocolate.

There is no longer an impediment to enjoy daily a magnificent chocolate cup while taking care of our line and our health.