• sample-1

    Original Hot Chocolate 

    The classic Flavor

    Take a moment to enjoy

  • sample-2

    Intense Gueysh Chocolate 

    Strength and personality

    For those who know how to taste

  • sample-3

    Sugar Free Chocolate

    The flavor that surprises everyone

    A pleasure for all audiences

Hot Chocolate Ideas Blog

Chocolates Gueysh

Gueysh Hot Chocolate, If you try, you'll repeat.

We are a company dedicated to the production and direct marketing of hot chocolate. Throughout the years we have been perfecting the production process, maintaining the original formula of hot chocolate born in the coffee shops of the sixties. Professionals and innkeepers who try Chocolate Gueysh repeat, both for their quality and for their quick preparation.

Watch the video  FROM THE RAW PRODUCT TO THE CUP IN 2 MINUTES!   And if you want to enjoy it at home, ¡LOOK WHAT EASY IS DONE!

Currently, a production capacity of up to 140,000 Kg./year has been achieved.