About us

Chocolate Gueysh, S.L.

The GUEYSH brand, although it may seem foreign, comes from the composition "Guerrero y sus Hijos". He was born in CAFETERÍAS GUERRERO, of Granada, who were located in Recogidas, Milagro and Salamanca streets, in order to satisfy his own clients; The trademark as such was registered by ANTONIO GUERRERO PAREJA, on October 29, 1966 and its definitive registration in the Industrial Registry was made on April 20, 1967, under the name "Packing of Chocolate powder".

Due to its good acceptance, the innkeepers of the center of Granada, began to be interested in the product, which caused that it began to be packaged for third parties in the headquarters of the Recogidas street coffe shop.

In 1982, after the decease of its founder, the industry took charge of their children and their widow, who made possible the change of location as well as the improvement and optimization of the productive process.
At that time we moved to the so-called "Cortijo Royal", located next to the Sugar Factory of San Isidro, where it remained until its current and final installation in the town of Santa Fe in Granada in 1993.

It was in 2007 when CHOCOLATE GUEYSH, S.L. was established, at which time the new process plant was installed, maintaining the original formula of the hot chocolate born in the coffee shops of the sixties. This has allowed to reach a production capacity of up to 140,000 Kg./year.

For this, it has always had the collaboration of the best suppliers and raw materials: Nestlé Spain, Cacao Barry and Spanish Sugar, among others.

Nowadays, it has gone from direct sales to coffee shops to collaboration with the main coffee roasters and distributors: Aguayo, Albolote, Bonka, Cali, Ganada, Jesancoffee, Jocusi, Luitor, Sol y Crema, SotoCafé, Zaidín.

New varieties have also been developed such as INTENSE, WITHOUT SUGAR, WHITE, as well as new pakaging formats.